Who, what, when, where, why?


We are Let. A project started with the intent of making a game engine which got expanded into a multitude of ideas.


More than just a game engine: a hub for developers to code, gamers to play and people to have fun.




Everywhere from the classy forums to fancy voice chat.


We the project keepers initially intended to publish an open-source game engine. As we pursued our goal we got more ideas on how we could evolve the project. We plan to keep a project where ideas are free but precious. From IT and games to philosophy and psychology, vast domains with deep thoughts.

As of 21th October 2023 we work on the following project(s):

let-engine: Open-Source game engine written in Rust!

Own platform [forum]!

Gaming community on Discord and forums*

Chatting community on Discord and forums (diverse subjects)*

Potentialy own gaming servers on diverse games / our own game. If support is showed and we can afford the costs, we will open own game servers*

'!' means IMPORTANT & WIP | '*' means future


Twitter: soon

Matrix: soon


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